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French Bee Art - Digital Download Package (pdf/png/jpg/svg in one convenient *.zip file)!

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French Bee Art - Digital Download Package

This download package contains four file types rendered in high quality to meet your printing needs. The artwork can be printed solo to add directly to your creations (for example, scrapbooking). However, don't stop there -- import the files into your favorite editing software and re-size, re-shape, and re-imagine it for use in a variety of your art/craft projects. The cool thing about our downloadable art is that you not only receive it instantly, but you are also only limited by your imagination.

♥ Package File Types Information ♥

*.JPG - commonly spoken "Jay-Peg" - Common, and versatile, file type used on most webpages and in photography.

*.PNG - Very similar to a JPG with one exception; the background of the image is transparent.

*.PDF - Translated as Portable Document File...this file type created by Adobe was intended as "digital paper." Purposed more for document standardization than art, you may find this file type more "sharing" friendly if you intend to distribute your creations.

*.SVG - This is the professional counterpart of the above formats. SVGs are vector files that can be scaled to infinity without sacrificing quality. SVGs work well with cutters, lasers, embroiders, and 3-D printers. This file will typically be just the outline of the image for use in the aforementioned applications.

♥ Print-Ready and Adjustable Size: The .jpg, .pdf, and .png files are 9" x 9" at 300 dpi. This size should give you the versatility to scale the image(within reason) larger, or smaller, without a large compromise in quality. Scale the image down for invitations, greeting cards, business cards, stenciling, etc. Likewise, scale the image up for larger media such as flyers and posters.

♥ The Legal-Ease:

- Since this is a digital product, no physical product will be sent.
- Like most digital products, refunds are not available.
- This download is the property and copyright of © StudioR12, these files are not for resale or distribution without consent of StudioR12.
- While we encourage you to use our products to create art of your own, we do ask if you plan on using this art as part of your own retail production that you give credit to StudioR12.

- Integrity Is The Key: When it comes to the re-use of any product, integrity keeps small businesses and artists like StudioR12 functioning. When in doubt, send us a conversation and lets talk about it.

♥ Who We Are ♥
StudioR12 is dedicated to giving our Etsy friends, the most enjoyable purchase experience as possible. If you have questions, or concerns about our products, our process, or just want to reach out to chat, please feel free to send us a conversation anytime. We value your feedback and patronage greatly and will do our very best to respond as quickly as possible.

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